A Day at the Buffalo Guitar Show, November 1, 2009


Buffalo Guitar Show

♪ When I found out that there was going to be a Buffalo Guitar show, I happily anticipated the road trip as Sunday approached. As always, I try to get up early, get a good breakfast at a greasy spoon someplace on the way and be at the door to ensure that I get in for any good deals before everything is picked over. This show, although smaller in floor space, reminded me much of the Musicians’ Flea Market that has been held for many years in Buffalo and has since discontinued.


Acoustic Guitars

♪ I saw a lot of familiar faces and met a few people I didn’t know as well. I think these types of events are good for musicians. You never know what you will find. There is a lot of stuff sitting around in people’s homes and in the backs of music stores that is still very useful. Why let these items sit there gathering dust when other people can enjoy them?


More Equipment!

♪ Most of my friends know me as highly influential in getting them to purchase things, while I usually walk out the front door with nothing, but this time around I found a Samson Headphone distribution amp perfect for my home project studio. I only bought it after I talked the guy down $9.00 to make it an even $20.00. I was happy and he was happy. He even went out to his car to retrieve the adapter that goes with it.

♪ I travel from my home at least fifty miles to this event. I am very surprised that Rochester does not have a Musician’s Flea Market or guitar show. I think it would be really great for the music community.

♪ Although it was a smaller turn out, and these events are hit and miss, I would recommend anyone to go out and check this out when it comes again in the spring. I believe as word spreads, and more people find out about it, this event will grow. When the next date comes, you know where I’ll be. These events are just plain cool to attend!

—Jim Doyle

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