Dan Ball - Electronics & Music, July 13, 2008

Rochester Guitar Club, meeting 07/13/08

Richard Taglieri led our meeting tonight. He introduced Dan Feuerstein, who spoke briefly to us about Mason Williams’ upcoming concert at the German House on July 18. We have this opportunity due to an unforeseen change in Mason’s schedule. Mason is best known for “Classical Gas,” still one of the most widely played instrumentals in the world after approximately 40 years. John Doan, harp guitarist will also be playing on that billing. Tickets are $20. Dan has encouraged us to “spread the word” due to the short notice - he has flyers - tickets are on sale online at Heartland, also at The German House and Aaron’s Alley.

John Doan is also appearing on July 22 in a house concert at Dan Feuerstein’s home. This concert is entitled “Celtic Pilgrimage” and features multimedia, playing music, showing slides, etc. John will have a three-necked guitar and other unusual instruments at this concert. On July 23 John Doan will give another house concert also at Dan Feuerstein’s home, “Beyond 6 Strings;” this concert will feature a 26-string guitar. Concert’s at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at door. There will be a Workshop $35, combo $42.

On Friday, July 25, Gene Bertoncini will be at Kilbourn Hall, 7:30PM; tickets are $8.

On August 8, Rod Miller and Ted Nicolosi.

Strunz & Farrah are coming to the Hochstein Music School on August 9. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. and the show starts at 8:00 p.m. All seats are reserved and will be sold exclusively at all Wegman’s stores.

Muriel Anderson is coming to Nazareth Chapel on September 17.

Regular meetings are coming up on 8/10, 9/14.

Richard briefly described the new Rochester Guitar Club forum and introduced its creator, who was also tonight’s presenter - Dan Ball. At this point Dan started his presentation on what we can do on the computer connected with guitar in terms of getting instruction, advertising our musical abilities to the community and the world, finding folks to jam with, etc…

Presentation: Dan Ball - Electronics and Music:
Dan started his presentation by making sure we all got a wonderful handout full of instruction, links, etc. to get us started with having our computers help our music.
Dan uses MySpace – a networking site and has a MySpace account for Rochester Guitar Club. … On MySpace, you can upload songs, find players, gigs, etc., and it is easier than maintaining a personal website… MySpace is the world’s 3rd largest website –

Dan’s handout walks us through how to join MySpace and upload photos, songs, etc. Dan explained that people who book shows look at the site to see how many hits, how many “friends” a musician may have and often use that as a way to select who to contact. MySpace is free so, yes there are ads… but his experience is that the site is safe and is not a source of spam or viruses. MySpace also has a way to upload videos as well as audio files. He was asked about YouTube - you can also get a lot of attention to music via YouTube but this is mainly through videos.

The last page of Dan’s handout deals with guitar resources on the net – these are all sites that are almost entirely free of charge to work with… Dan also described how our new Rochester Guitar Club forum works… and invited all present onto the forum, to become core members, etc. Once again it is ./easter_egg.html

Richard explained that we can get to the forum via our Rochester Guitar Club website.
Dan has offered to start a section for technical questions, posting meeting minutes, etc.

At this point we switched over to our evening’s playing by members.

Tonight’s music:

Dan Ball: Discovery (original, standard tuning, capoed on 1st fret and 4th fret)
Jerry Carter: Michelle (Beatles)
Deb Ross: Planxty George Brabazon (Turlough O’Carolan)
Von Martt: True Blue (original)
Richard Taglieri: The Butterfly (Mauro Giuliani)
Chuck Dye: I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles (inspired by Howard Alden version)
Dan Ball: Faraway(original with 3 capos)
Jerry Carter: Classical Gas (Mason Williams)
Paul Schickling: Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Chuck Dye: (from a George Van Eps version)
Ray Noble: The Very Thought of You
Von Martt: Blue Moon (Rodgers & Hart)
Richard Taglieri: Amazing Grace (John Newton)
Dan Ball: Balconies and City Lights (original with 2 capos)
Deb Ross: Ganglat (Swedish traditional)
Jerry Carter: The River Is Wide (Traditional English)
Richard Taglieri: Bularias (Bartolome Calatuyud)
Dan Ball: unfinished, untitled (original with 1 then 2 capos, moved 2nd capo in mid-song!)

Deb Ross

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