Kinloch Nelson Trio at the Little Theater Cafe, September 26, 2009

Heads up, RGC’ers - Thought I’d contribute an unsolicited review of the Kinloch Nelson jazz trio at the Little Theater Cafe this past Saturday evening. (9/26/09) Their two-hour set swung hard (and easy) from start to finish, and even included a “hang ten/toes to the nose” surf medley for the enjoyment of those attendees longing for an Endless Summer. Kinloch’s sidemen (bassist Dave Arenias & drummer Bill Blind) amply supported the “casual” flair of the proceedings with fine backing and creative soloing. Decidedly un-casual was the enthusiastic cheering section of appreciative listeners at one particular table who enjoyed the trio’s treatment of tunes such as Hot Toddy, Canadian Sunset,

So, for the price of a slice of strawberry cream cake and a couple of bucks in the band tip jar, I was treated to an extended lesson on chord voicings and placement, improvisation, tone change by picking/strumming at different positions between neck and bridge, and tasteful use of reverb, delay, and equalization effects. Kinloch’s modified twin pickup archtop cutaway electric and his amplified nylon stringer sounded bright and full running through his P.A. head and speaker. I got the impression from a comment I overheard that he switched to lighter gauge strings on the electric for this outing.

So....if you have the chance to catch the trio in the future, I highly recommend giving them a listen.

—John Williamson

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