RGC Meeting and Play List at the Tango Cafe, March 7, 2010

Tonight found eight of us at Tango Cafe listening to guitar music, and most of us playing as well. It was a small but enthusiastic group, and we had a great time exploring a wide variety of music comprising folk, traditional, classical, pop and jazz. The few folks working at Tango Cafe also seemed to enjoy our efforts!

It looks like our Sunday numbers grew a bit last night, thanks in part to milder weather and better luck with the calendar. Unfortunately, our April Tango meeting night falls on Easter Sunday; so we won’t meet at Tango in April but we’ll resume in May. For those of you who haven’t been to the Tango meeting yet, this a very relaxed and comfortable venue, with good sandwiches and other light fare, as well as coffee and many varieties of tea.

It’s a great opportunity for us guitar-lovers, either as a second chance to meet for those lucky guitar players who can make both meetings, or as an alternative for those of us who find Monday night at Rochester Guitar Club beyond our schedules. So - those of you who have been attending Mondays at Abilene, but not yet checked out the Sunday Tango meeting; we’d like to welcome you in May! Once again - Tango Café is at the same address as the former Mez - 389 Gregory Street, at the corner of Cayuga, and one block west of South Clinton Avenue in Rochester.

We now have beautiful all-cotton T-shirts to offer as a premium for joining the club and owning a stake in RGC’s future!

And now, the heart of the evening — what we played last night:

Richard Taglieri started us off with “Manhã de Carnaval” by Luiz Bonfa. This is familiar to many of us from watching the movie it was written for “Black Orpheus.” If you haven’t seen this vintage, classic film, try to get hold of it! It’s a wonderful interpretation of the Greek tragic myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, and the musical score is not only enjoyable, but significant for opening so many North American ears to Brazilian music.

Deb Ross played “Si Begh, Si Mohr,” (Turlough O’Carolan) a favorite among Irish music enthusiasts.

Jeremy Carter gave us a lyric medley of “Boy with a Moon and Star,” “Moon Shadow” and “Peace Train” all by Cat Stevens.

Ted Peck played a jazzy-sounding piece written as a Berklee chord exercise “Wind.”

Kinloch Nelson played us his tasty take on the jazz standard “Sleepwalk” by Santo & Jonny.

A newcomer to Rochester and to our club, Ryan Bailey played us a piece of his own which does not have a name yet, but sounded spirited and well worth naming!

We had ample time to go around the circle of players once again! Richard then played a popular Sicilian Waltz in A Major arranged by Luigi Schinina

Deb, still in the St. Patrick ‘s Day mood, played O’Carolan’s “Planxty Gavin.”

Jerry got into the Irish spirit as well with “O Danny Boy,” a traditional piece that harks back to the “Londonderry Air.”

Ted played another jazz favorite, Floyd Kramer’s “The Last Date.”

Kinloch gave us an inventive medley combining “Sukiyaki” (Kyu Sakamoto) and “Buckaroo.” (Buck Owens, Don Rich)

Ryan shared another tasty-sounding original with us, no name — yet.

Paul Schickling played a long-standing jazz standard “Satin Doll” by Duke Ellington.

Next, a spontaneous jam got started on Bonfa’s “Manha de Carnaval,” and involved most of the steel- and nylon-string guitars in the room!

Paul brought in a reflective mood with “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” by E.Y. Harburg/Harold Arlen.

Jerry closed out our evening of playing with another fine medley involving “Moon River” (Johnny Mercer) and “Separation Blues.” (Patrick Sky)

—Deb Ross

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