RGC Play List at Tango Café, March 6, 2011

Here is the play list for Sunday, March 6 at Tango Café:

Tom Kelly, “Hortensia” (Pete Huntlinger)
Jerry Carter, “Moon River” (H. Mancinni)
Sherwin Temple, “Rustic Dance” (C Howell)
Kinloch Nelson, “Great Dreams From Heaven” (Joseph Spence)
Tom Kelly, “Darcey’s Guitar” (Peter Huntlinger)
Sherwin Temple, “Danny Boy” (Frederic Weatherly)
Jerry Carter, “Sukiaki” in standard tuning (Nakamura Hachidai)
Kinloch Nelson, “Sukiaki” in dropped D tuning (Nakamura Hachidai)
Pi Sheng Chang, “Milonga Del Angel” (Astor Piazzola)
Pi Sheng Chang, “Valse Venezolano #2” (Antonio Lauro)
Sherwin Temple, “Bosa Triste” (Carlo Dominiconi)

This was Pi Sheng Chang’s last RGC meeting. He has a new job in California and will be moving there.. Born in Taiwan, Pi Sheng learned guitar in Brazil where he lived for many years. He spent too short a time with us here in Rochester.

—Paul Schickling

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